What would YOU drive during the Zombie Apocalypse?

So by now, all the good people will be in Heaven and there will have been earthquakes, and the Zombie Apocalypse has started… What? No? Aw, no fun. Oh, it’s ending on 21st October 2011 now.

That gives you good people chance to build your ride for when it does happen. Obviously, for safety reasons, convertibles are out, even though they do look cool with a chain gun fastened to the back. (I’m thinking the Jag from Die Another Day, here)

“Dead Reckoning” from Land Of The Dead was supposedly impenetrable, but a Zombie still (somehow) managed to get in undetected.

So in no particular order, and no other reason than they look the part, here are my top five cars that wouldn’t look out of place making the undead a bit more deaderer.

1. The Jag XJS from Death Race.

Apocalpse Cars






2. A Chevy Camaro Modded Russian Stylee












3. I have absolutely no idea what this was but it looks the part







4. Millenworks/Boeing/Textra L.U.V. Looks nice and safe in there









5. The “NarcoTank”








Ever done a Zombie Walk?

Last year I heard that there was going to be a Zombie Walk just before Halloween in the city where I live. ‘I’m having a piece of that’ I thought.

ZombieSo me and my eight year old daughter started collecting things we needed. Old suits, shoes, fake blood, latex etc. I thought I’d go the whole hog and get some white contact lenses. I’m glad I did because they were the icing on the cake.

Ok, so I scared an old lady when I was crossing the road but she did have a laugh about it after. I was stood near an ATM texting a friend when a guy came up to me and asked if I was alright. I looked up from my phone, and he physically jumped when he saw my eyes. I can’t say what he said but it was along the lines of ‘Wow, that’s impressive’.

Other highlights of the day include mobbing and ‘eating’ a traffic warden who was busy ticketing a car. He was all stern faced when he was doing his job. Seeing his face change to shock when he realised he was surrounded by zombies will stick with me for a long time, before he started laughing and went along with the spirit of it all.

Here’s the video of the day. Look out for me shambling into shot at the five minute mark.

Make Your Own Brains

So I guess if you’re reading this, the Zombie Apocalypse never materialised.

Here’s something that Instructables have come up with to feed your hunger. Zombie Truffles. I’m not a great chef but I reckon I’m going to have a go at making these.

May Is Zombie Awareness Month

I didn’t realise it either. May is Zombie Awareness Month.

More at ZombieResearch.org

Today is Judgement Day. Let the Zombie Apocalypse Begin

Photo by Editor B

According to Harold Camping, today is Judgement Day. Rapture. The day where people are selected by God to join him in Heaven. Back on Earth, there will be earthquakes, plagues of Locusts and Zombies. Probably.

Camping has made previous predictions, but when they passed without incident he said ‘Oh, I’ve got my maths wrong’ and made a new one.

The CDC in America have created a remarkable campaign that became instantly viral. You will have heard about it already as the news is a few days old, but they created a page on their site for Zombie Awareness. They are also asking people to submit videos to their Twitter or Facebook pages of themselves being prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse.

The hashtag #ZombieApocalypse has also been trending on Twitter. There were so many tweets last night that you couldn’t read them all.

Anyhow, welcome to ZombiesRule.com. It has been set up to honour our new leaders.